Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Baby Girl Is 6 Months Old!

Happy 6 Months to our red haired blue eyed beauty! She is our whole world and we're just crazy about her. At six months she smiles all the time, has the cutest belly laugh (as you've seen in the video!) is reaching and grabbing everything she can get her hands on, she's rolling over, sitting by herself, standing on our laps, is curious about everything, and is meeting every milestone despite all she's been through. She is such a fighter and her strength continues to amaze us every day. She just started eating solids (although she's still not a big fan) and is finally starting to sleep a little bit better at night (she only wakes up about 3-5 times a night now, which sounds like a lot but compared to what she has been doing that's great!) She brings so much joy into our lives and we truly couldn't be more blessed. Love you sweet girl...

6 months stats: 14lbs. 12oz. and 24.5"


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  2. Happy 6 months, Bellamy!!! The pictures are adorable! LOVE the pearls! :-)

  3. Happy 6 months Bellamy shes a doll!

  4. Happy Birthday sweet baby girl. Love the outfit. You are the best dressed baby.
    Love Aunt Anita